Everybody who gets known Baldo, fells in love with him, because he is such a cute and lovely boy.



He has an amazing character: with people he behaves like a sweetheart, likes to be in the center and feel everybody’s love and attention. Baldo is a very clever boy, he does his best also in the show-world, just like in the work or as family pet. With people he is very friendly and balanced, and beside it he has a strong protecting and defensing skills.

With dogs he is well socialized, but since his second birthday, doesn’t make close friendship with all dogs :).

He has a very elegant behavior, just like his movement is beautifully elegant.

Baldo is an open-mind, friendly and balanced dog, who is the boss by the house, and he is a charming lover and a “soft macho” when he insiunates himself into the briard ladies favours ;).



Baldo is an ideal family dog, easy to go on with him in the everydays, but beside it he goes very active and motivated if he finds something interesting for himself. :)