Briard kiskutya eladó 

“CIAO BELLA le Brilliant Esprit d’ Altesse” 
Gyönyörű és tündéri briard kislány keresi végleges családját <3
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Even i have briards since 2000, until 2017 we haven’t had litter. First it was not the most important thing for me, then life brought things other way. I always would love to know how it feels like to raise up puppies, and that time when i put off about it, they have knocking on the door. :)
In life it was totally different to see them, touch them, raise them, then i have expected before. I was amused how small they are and their body from that lot of small details works perfectly. Their small paws, dewclaws, nails…. was really stunning to see.
Thanks to my breeder friends i have learned a lot how to raise them and how to keep them to give the most them in this life period, which is very important in their further life. It is a miracle to see them how their minds are opening to the world and how their body and personality are developing. 

For me the most important to have healthy, balanced puppies, with exc. character, who can be ideal family members beside their wonderful and typical briard-look. But this goal will come true only if i find those new great homes for them, where both part will feel that they have found their missing parts in life. <3